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An Adventure in the Alps: Hitchhiking From Switzerland to Austria

Austria is a Central European country characterized by mountain villages, baroque architecture, imperial history and rough alpine terrain. The capital city of Vienna, on the Danube, is home to Schönbrunn Palace and the Vienna Hofburg. Famous residents of the city were Mozart, Johann Strauss and Freud. Other well-known regions of the country are the northern Bohemian Forest, Lake Traun and the hilly wine-growing region in the east of the country.

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HasenChat Music – Dance Songs 3

HasenChat Music - Dance Songs 3
HasenChat Music – Dance Songs 3

Ekstase (Radio Mix)

Ekstase (Radio Mix) BPM Key Hasenchat Music | Made in USA

Ekstase (Radio Mix) by Hasenchat Music is 3:50 long. Time signature of this song is 4/4. Tempo is (Allegro) fast, quickly, and bright 128 BPM.

The #3 track from 2014-09-01 released album “Made in USA” is in the key of Fm and -14.651 dB loud.