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HasenChat Music is a House and Hip Hop Label from Germany. But we make other Music Styles too. Slow Music to Chill Out. Dance to make Party in a Club. Pop Dubstep and anything that brings Fun 😉

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The Name HasenChat ?

In 1997 we Started in Germany in the Local Area of ” Hassberge ” Bavaria. The Coat of Arms of this Area is a Rabbit ( Hase is the German Name for Rabbit, Hasen are more than one Rabbit ) So Hasen for the Coat of Arms and Chat for the Chat System. The HasenChat at the Time of 1997 to 2014 was a Free Chat System like Facebook or Google Plus.

For 2014 we plan more Entertaiment and less Chat. More Music, Film and Games. Follow us at Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and get Infos about New Releases. Free Downloads and Infos about HasenChat.

About this Site

If you go to Music News in the Main Menu of this Site you find Every Day News about the Music Business. Not only about us, you find there Infos about all Music News. Importent in the English US Area.